We know you have goals and we know how to help you reach them!



Let's reach your goals through a tailored exercised plan and also look at your nutrition. Whether you want to loose fat, get stronger or build lean muscle muscle we will guide you on your journey. From keeping a record of your progress, tweaking and building the workouts around you to reach your desired fitness target.

Results don't work unless you do and that requires being consistent! That is why our classes are in blocks so that you can maintain momentum. 

In person sessions (1hour):

£60 for 1 session 

£275 for 5 sessions

£500 for 10 sessions

Online sessions (1hour):

£45 for 1 session 

£225 for 5 sessions

£400 for 10 sessions



Want to sprint faster on the track?

Are you challenging yourself to run your first 5k or half/full marathon? 

You might even be simply trying to take your first strides to becoming a runner.

Strength and conditioning is an important part of ANY running programme to help you prevent injury, perfect your running posture, lengthen your stride and as a result smash those PB'S!

We will tailor a running plan based on your needs whether its planning the correct running sessions and drills or introducing additional core and glute work to get you on your way. 

Please book a 20 minute consultation so that we can understand your goals and current fitness. 

Personalised Plan - £30