I absolutely love TAM and their values of training like an athlete!! We all want to train like athletes but I wouldn't have a clue how to start! the girls are truly inspirational and their work  ethic is amazing. I love how personable they are and I feel amazing after their workouts!! I really can't go back to regular workouts after training with them!

- Ciemonne W, 30, Essex


I absolutely love training with Kerry and Ash. Amazing, inspirational ladies who will make your abs scream....LOVE the Athlete Method 💪🏼

- Nicola,  London


I have really enjoyed taking part in TAM workouts over the past year. Their circuits are always a challenge but always inclusive, so no matter my level of fitness I can always get a good sweat! The girls are very personable and knowledgable and really know how to make you feel involved and motivated. I have also enjoyed seeing fitness through the lens of female athletes and have been educated on some of the challenges that they face. Their social media content is authentic, educational, relatable and fun! Keep doing what you’re doing 💪🏾 


- Anton,  London


Kerry and the Athlete Method are absolutely brilliant! It was my first time using a PT and I am so happy I found them. Every session was tailored and completely based on my ability which put me at ease. I have learnt so much about fitness and my strength with the help of TAM and really helped me get on track to a healthier lifestyle. They make every session so much fun and adaptable! I would highly recommend them and their PT services - you will not be disappointed!

- Claire,  London


I've been working with with The Athlete method ladies for over 2 months now and I must say I'm so happy i came to them. I've always been rather slim and I've always wanted to gain weight, but i never really knew where to start. I was always told eat more and do weights , but as a huge foodie I'm always eating and the gym always felt intimidating because I didn't know what weights I should use or how to use them and also the fear of becoming to "muscly" .
However when I came to the ladies and we broke down exactly what I wanted to look like, what I needed to do and they created a programme that was so so helpful and detailed with video instructions on what the exercises looked like and having catch ups over the phone because of covid 19. An I'm excited to say that I've put on a stone and also gained inches. An we're continuing to do the work so I can look and feel how I want to. 
One thing that makes The Athlete Method ladies stand out is how positive and encouraging they are as well being a great cheerleader!

- Leonie Ha London


For years I have on and off again relationship with consistent exercise, Ashleigh and Kerry have helped make working out fun again while inspiring me to show up as my best self.  

It’s not everyday to get to be trained by a top athlete that has reached the top of their field. You get that twice over with The Athlete Method! These two strong women have helped push me to work hard, challenge myself and show up even when it’s the last thing I may want to do. I am continuously learning useful fitness and nutrition tips from Kerry and Ashleigh. They help remind me to make my health priority.

- Sabrina, USA


Being someone who lacks motivation when it comes to exercise, I often found it hard to workout alone. This is where the athlete method has come in & changed everything for me. Their workouts are accessible to all ages and abilities & you can push yourself depending on your level of fitness. The workouts are short and sharp & the benefits can definitely be felt!

- Sally Oliver, 28, Cardiff


Like soo many other ladies and gents, quarantine over the last year has been mighty disrespectful to my body! What has been a blessing however is the work out challenges, workout lives and videos that The Athlete Method have provided, which has helped me get my fitness back on track to P.C (pre-covid) and drop some of these pounds from my body! I also love that the ladies of The Athlete Method make the process fun and they catered to us across all levels of fitness, without leaving us feeling intimidated or alienated. 

I definitely recommend following The Athlete Method, you won't be sorry.

- Ebony, 33 , London